Why Hello there

This is me


If you really want to know me I would advise to read my book Glitter Dawn or listen to my audio logs. Too many people can just say who they are in a few paragraphs and fill you with some B.S.

I am going to paint myself into a corner. I am going to present you with only 2 possibilities. I am either a Con Artist or a Completely Honest Crazy Person

Who am I?: I am a good man and if I am going to put any label on myself I will go with crazy.

What do I want?: I want to do the impossible. Right now I want to dedicate myself to be a writer for the next 5 years and I want you to help me do it.

Where am I going?: Wherever I have to go.

Who do I serve and who do I trust: Humanity

That is me right now in a nutshell. Please do not just believe my words watch my actions and make up your own mind as if I am these things.



Beneath this mask is but a man.

A man that breaths, eats, fails, succeeds and dreams.

Dreams of crazy things like change.

Change in truth will start small and grow.

Grow from thought into action.

Action is what I ask you to judge.

Judge if I am worthy to be what I want.

I want to be a writer that can give his work for free.

Free to have my mask become my face.

My face is the disguise to hide the ideas Beneath .


I want to change the world but it starts small.

I want to change my mind and said I can.

I want to change my life by making and following a plan one task at a time.

I want to change other people’s minds so they can say “I can”.

I want to change their lives so they make a plan.

I want to have all of us plan together so we can change the world.