The Contract


The Employment Contact

This Agreement made between the writer known as J Daniel C (employee) and the world (Employer) in the province of Ontario.

Whereas the employer desires to obtain the benefit of services of the employee, and the employee desires to render such services on the terms and conditions set forth.

In consideration of the promises and other good and valuable consideration (The sufficiency and receipt of which are hereby acknowledged) the parties agree as follows

1. Employment

a. The Employee agrees that 40 hours a week are accountable to the employer.

b. The Employee agrees to create a daily log of all the activities preformed in a day

c. The Employee agrees to create a audio log of the work day at the end of each shift.

d. The Employee agrees to reply to all emails within 2 weeks of receipt.

e. The Employee agrees to create monthly goals.

f. The Employee agrees that writing doesn’t always happen on a set schedule and may suffer from writer’s block. The Employee must perform other activities and these activities must be reported.

g. The Employee is required to give 10% of workable days to the service of others. Such as talks or appearances.

h. Compensation for these appearances must not be greater than the cost of travel and basic accommodations.

i. The Employee agrees to this contact for a term of no less than 5 years.

j. The Employee is allowed to keep his personal identity and not required to reveal his face or name.

k. The Employee is allowed to expense marketing, travel and other miscellaneous expenses but must show receipts for these purchases. These expenses must be used in promotion of a book and cannot be used for personal purchases.


2. Payment

a. The Employee agrees to accept what ever payment the world provides and will not pressure for more compensation.

b. The Employee will agree to always have a free version of the stories he creates made available to be read.

c. The Employee agrees to the following allocation of payment that is received from the Employer:

-0 to $2,000,000 This is kept as the employee’s salary for the length of the employment contact

-$2,000,000 to $3,000,000 shall be distributed to the employee’s immediate family

-$3,000,000 to $4,500,000 shall be distributed to the employee’s closest friends with the purpose of them achieving their dreams

-$4,500,000 to $14,500,000 shall be distributed to people the Employee has appreciated in his life. The maximum distribution per person is $100,000

-$14,500,000 to $16,500,000 shall be put into a fund and the interest used to pay one artist to create for an entire year.

-16,500,000 to 17,500,000 shall be used for the Employee to purchase a house

-$17,500,000 and above shall be used to the betterment of others and the Employee must not receive any form a payment for these resources. The Employee must not keep these resources for greater than 1 year.

d. Upon receiving donations of $30,000 the employee is to quit his current employer providing them 2 weeks written notice of the termination of employment.

e. If the employee reaches to goal of $1,000,000 he is entitled to take a one time one month vacation where he is not required to be accountable for his time.

f. The Employee is entitled to sell his stories to publishers and to other forms of media. The original free version of the book must be kept available.


3. Vacation

a. The Employee is entitled to 10 vacation days per year.

b. The Employee is not required to submit time or updates during these times

c. the Employee must provide a minimum of two weeks notice to use a vacation day.

d. If the Employee honors the commitments he has made he is entitled to increase the amount of vacation days by 5 for the following year.


4. Benefits

The Employer does not provide benefits to the Employee.


5. Performance Reviews

a. Performance reviews are to be given once every 3 months to ensure the Employee is honoring the commitments in this agreement.

b. A resulting failing grade of a review will result in a financial penalty that the employee must pay. The penalty shall be 10% of the Employee’s monthly budget made during the three month period.

c. Each metric shall be given a 1 or 0 value and measured on a daily basis

d. the failing grade is below 80%.

e. The five metrics shall be:
1. Submitting daily voice logs
2. Following goals that are created for a month
3. Attendance
4. The length between replying to fan mail (under 2 weeks)
5. Reporting daily activities


6. Termination

a. The Employee does retain the right to end the Employment agreement.

b. The Employee must provide 3 month notice before terminating the agreement

c. The Employee must pay a penalty for terminating this contact depending on the length of employment

d. The penalty shall be the personal funds that were received in the 0 to $2,000,000. Other moneys are not to be used in this penalty.

e. The penalty breakdown is as follows:

0-1 year. 100% of the 0 to $2,000,000
1-2 years 80% of the 0 to $2,000,000
3-4 years 60% of the 0 to $2,000,000
4-5 years 40% of the 0 to $2,000,000


7. Entire Agreement

This contact is non modifiable and shall be honored by the Employee.


Name of Employee J Daniel C


Name of Employer: The World